‘Project Murc’ is my first solo recording. It was a project that I started in January of 2002 and finished sometime in 2003. I recorded and produced the entire album by myself, burnt a few copies at home and sold them here and there at local shows. Without ever considering pursuit of a record label, I composed music with no rules or boundaries, mostly intended for my friends, students and a few local fans of the guitar.

In 2010, I decided to have the album professionally mastered and duplicated, as well as distribute it online. ¬†You can purchase ‘Project Murc’ through iTunes HERE.

Fast forward to 2016: My new album, ‘Project Murc II: Renaissance’ is a huge leap forward in the world of Electronic Dance Music (EDM) and instrumental guitar. ¬†Before it hits iTunes and all of the other online music platforms, you can preview and purchase the new album HERE.

Thanks so much for listening!